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Did you know it can take over 10 years for the scientific breakthroughs happening today to become common knowledge?

That’s why we’re committed to partnering with the top doctors, researchers, and experts doing this cutting edge work – so you can get the results you need right now… not after a decade of frustration.

Whether your goal is to address leaky gut… eat more plants… or finally experience deep, restorative sleep naturally… you’ll find smart, doable, customizable programs to help you achieve your personal health goals.

Solution Masterclasses

Looking for deep, rich, trusted information and practical solutions to improve your health at home… naturally?

Discover the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs being used right now – right from the experts doing the work – in our signature multi-episode docu-series masterclasses.

You’ll hear directly from dozens of physicians, practitioners, and health experts about how to prevent illness, avoid or reverse chronic disease, and restore your optimal health – no matter your age!


The Gut-Immune Solution: Fortify your immune system, protect against pathogens & strengthen resilience by healing your microbiome

Gut-Brain Axis

The Gut-Brain Solution: Discover how to overcome mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, brain fog, and mood disorders, by healing your gut

Leaky Gut

The Gut Solution: Learn the exact protocols to heal your gut and help prevent disease… no matter your age!

On-Demand Programs

Looking to master a new skill or be guided step by step to create healthier habits? Explore our on-demand programs.

You’ll have immediate, lifetime, on-demand access to the video trainings and demos, plus downloads and resources in each of these incredible programs – designed to help you optimize your health… one step at a time.

Plant-Based Nutrition

The Green Method: Discover the blueprint for whole food, plant-based eating – and experience more energy, vitality & radiance

Fermented Foods

The Fermenting Masterclass: Learn how to easily ferment your own foods at home to improve nutrient absorption, balance your microbiome & save money!

Health Collections

Are you looking to address a specific aspect of your health? Choose one of our health collections – resources designed to hyper-target and restore one key area of your health.

Each of our collections includes a 60-minute masterclass from a world-renowned physician, comprehensive resources like meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists, and a guidebook to walk you step-by-step through the protocols, lifestyle shifts, and remedies to create your own holistic wellness plan.

Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve Collection: Learn leading-edge ways to restore your health and immunity by stimulating and healing your vagus nerve naturally and at home


Inflammation Collection: Tackle the root causes of inflammation in your body using these doctor-recommended protocols

Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut Collection: End uncomfortable symptoms, restore optimal gut health, and fortify your immune system with this resource bundle


Sleep Collection: Destress, relax your body, mind, and emotions, and sleep like a baby—without medications—with this powerhouse toolkit of resources


Liver & Detox Collection: Unleash the detoxing power of your liver – and help restore its ability to flush contaminants effectively



Are you just starting to get curious about how the microbiome impacts every other system in your body?

Explore our free 4-part workshop-style mini-course, The Rapid Gut-Health Blueprint, designed to introduce you to the world of gut health… and how to take the first step toward creating your own personal action plan for change.

"I am so touched and impressed by your company, products, and integrity... I think you and Matt are quite exceptional people, and I am so glad you are both young and will be helping hundreds or more likely thousands of people in our lifetimes... Hope you and your staff have an excellent day and feel rightly proud of yourselves."

- Katharine

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