“I immediately noticed a good change – having regular normal bowel movements. That was what I was hoping for! Thank you.”

- Sharon R., Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus customer

Clean. Natural. Goodness in a Bottle.

Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus

Support Microbiome Balance

The Leaky Gut Kit

The Ultimate Kit for Leaky Gut Support.

Supercharged Turmeric

Soothe Inflammation & Restore Health 

Deep Sleep Formula

Relax Your Mind & Get Better Rest 

Gut Soothe & Glow

Helps repair and reduce symptoms of leaky gut

L-Glutamine Powder

One of the key nutrients to repair a leaky gut.


Adapt to Stress Better With This Ancient Adaptogen

Premium Fulvic Minerals

Support Digestion, Nutrition & Immunity 


Rave Reviews

"These products are working."

“I love both the L-Glutamine and Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus. I put both in my smoothie everyday. The result is less noise from my GI tract! In thinking about it clearly, I haven’t had gut discomfort in a couple of weeks, so these products are working."


“I haven’t had as many stomach problems since I’ve started this.”

“This product has been great. It dissolves quickly, which has been different from other similar products. I haven’t had as many stomach problems since I’ve started this.”

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“I'm over the moon full of joy.”

“I credit and praise God for leading me to the Better Gut Prebiotic formula with my success to calm and alleviate my symptoms. I’m over the moon full of joy...”


“I immediately noticed a good change.”

“I immediately noticed a good change – having regular normal bowel movements. That was what I was hoping for! Thank you”


Made by Nature. Backed by Science.


We’re on a mission for health – empowering you to become an active participant in your own wellbeing. Our inclusive programs and products are rooted in education – using science-backed research and the incredible healing power of nature.

Discover the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs being used right now – right from the experts doing the work – in our signature masterclasses.

Our Courses

Discover Fresh Solutions

Did you know it can take over 10 years for the scientific breakthroughs happening today to hit the mainstream?

That’s why we’re committed to partnering with the top doctors, researchers, and experts doing this cutting edge work – so you can get the results you need right now… not after a decade of suffering.

Whether your goal is to address leaky gut… eat more plants… or finally experience deep, restorative sleep naturally… you’ll find smart, doable, customizable programs to help you achieve your personal health goals.

Our Most Popular Masterclasses

The Gut-Brain Solution

Unlock the Secrets Of The Gut-Brain Axis to Overcome Anxiety & Depression

The Green Method

Discover the Blueprint for Whole Food, Plant-Based Eating – and More Energy, Vitality & Radiance.

The Gut-Immune Solution

Foster a robust immune system by learning how to cultivate a healthy microbiome. 

The Gut Solution

Get Equipped To Target The Root Cause Of Disease: Your Microbiome

Plus programs, workshops, and courses to help you:

- Fortify the immune system against pathogens, viruses, and allergies

- Beat inflammation and reduce risk of disease

- Sleep better without medication or sleep aids, plus release stress and tension

- Address leaky gut and restore optimal digestive function

- Detoxify the body, release contaminants effectively, and address the root causes of digestive imbalance

- Stimulate and heal the vagus nerve – the communication superhighway connecting all bodily systems, and much more!


The Gut Solutions package has changed my life in so many wonderful ways... My husband has reversed his diabetes and both of us have improved our blood pressure. I have lost 20 pounds, have no more knee pain, and sleep more restfully than I have in years.

- Elenor., The Gut Solution member


19 Simple & Inexpensive Ingredients To Repair Your Gut

In This FREE Guidebook (Valued at $18) You’ll Discover:

- Nature’s “cheat sheet”of powerful ingredients that can nourish and heal your gut.

- Easy remedies to target conditions like ‘leaky gut’ that might already be in your kitchen cupboard.

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