The Herbal Blueprint: Simple Secrets of Natural Healing

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The Herbal Blueprint: Simple Secrets of Natural Healing

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This collection is a treasure trove of natural healing wisdom from herbalist and nurse, Linda Shanahan. 

In this video demonstration series, Linda shares her simple yet powerful secrets to harnessing the healing properties of herbs. 

You’ll join Linda on her incredible farm, where she’ll not only take you on a guided walk to identify these special herbs, but you’ll learn how to turn them into skincare products, tinctures and other remedies. Equipped with the information contained within this bonus, you’ll be empowered to say goodbye to toxic, expensive, store-bought creams, which might be contributing to your symptoms, and instead, you can say hello to truly nourishing remedies that will make you glow, from the inside out, AND the outside in.

This workshop will also get you on the path to becoming a true medicine-maker and healer of your family. 

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