The Vagus Nerve Collection

The Vagus Nerve Collection

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Learn leading-edge ways to improve your health and vitality by stimulating and healing your vagus nerve—naturally and at home

✅ Simple, easy-to-do protocols to strengthen immune function and mental health

✅ Improve digestive performance and finally understand mystery symptoms

✅ Reduce risk of disease and take back control of your health

Goodness Lover as an organization puts heart and soul into everything you do. That is why I trust your products, now that I've tried them. I feel the goodness, the heart and warmth when I take your products. Thank you.

- Susan

The Secret Weapon For Longevity, Immunity & Peak Performance: The Vagus Nerve

Therapies involving the vagus nerve have become the hottest topic in modern medicine. 

The vagus nerve is the communication highway in your central nervous system – running from your brain stem to your colon and connecting a vast majority of your major organs. It’s the key to optimal health and immunity – and it has a massive role in how you perform and show up each and every day.

When you have vagus nerve damage, it shows up as poor health – mental, physical, and even emotional. 

The vagus nerve also controls the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to rest, relax, and digest – and is absolutely critical to the performance of the gut-brain axis. 

Yet, due to our modern diets and lifestyles, we often regularly impair its ability to function properly.

The good news: you can stimulate and heal the vagus nerve naturally to repair damage and reverse dysfunction yourself—no expensive treatments or long wait times to consult specialists.

Heal Your Vagus Nerve, Heal Yourself

In the Vagus Nerve Collection, you’ll learn leading-edge ways to restore your health and immunity by stimulating and healing your vagus nerve. 

✔ Lifestyle practices to reduce “fight or flight” stress response and enhance the parasympathetic nervous system

✔ Improve digestive function and supercharge performance of every other system in the body

✔ Resolve mysterious symptoms with simple-to-do exercises and effective holistic remedies

✔ Drop excess weight caused by mis-firing appetite function

✔ Restore optimal gut-brain function to promote clear thinking and balanced mental health

The Vagus Nerve Collection is professionally curated by Goodness Lover’s in-house team, which includes naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and plant-based chefs.

Course Preview

In the Vagus Nerve Collection, you’ll learn leading-edge ways to restore your health and immunity by stimulating and healing your vagus nerve—naturally and at home.

The Vagus Nerve Masterclass with Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Download full transcripts of the masterclass to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, and flag for integration. 

You can read at your own pace to gain a deeper understanding and reinforce important concepts.

The masterclass companion handbook full of holistic remedies (ones you’ll absolutely love!) to restore your gut-brain axis through supplements, exercises, and wellbeing practices to create balance from the inside out.

This e-guide is full of tasty treats (including triple chocolate brownies!) so you can restore your body’s ability to effectively fight off pathogens, heal your gut, and invigorate vagus nerve function.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc is a NY-based naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. His mission is to improve health by using the most natural means possible. He brings a special blend of compassion, warmth, and intelligent commonsense to each patient visit that allows for individualized care.

The Vagus Nerve Collection

An expertly curated resource bundle designed to help you strengthen vagus nerve function – and improve immunity, mental health, and full system performance.

✔ Know your unique expressions of vagus nerve dysfunction so you can take decisive action and own your health

✔ Simple, medically-sound solutions to and heal the vagus nerve

✔ Mind-body practices for healthy, balanced emotions and mental states

✔ Super effective food- and supplement-based strategies to restore the gut microbiome and fill up your cells with critical nutrients

➕ 60-minute Masterclass with a trained naturopath + written transcripts

➕ Comprehensive handbook with practical, doable tips + lifestyle shifts

➕ 10 tasty and satisfying recipes to support your vagus nerve and gut-brain axis

➕ Personal Wellbeing Tracker

You're Protected By Our 30-Day Guarantee

The Vagus Nerve Collection comes with a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not over-the-moon thrilled with your experience, simply send us an email to start the refund process. It’s that simple!

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