The Autoimmune Collection

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The Autoimmune Collection

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Many autoimmune conditions are rooted in inflammation – as well as cause inflammation. So to help you understand (and end!) this vicious cycle, you’ll find the education and solutions you need inside The Autoimmune Collection.

Explore a comprehensive bundle of resources and science-backed protocols to not just reduce your risk of autoimmune conditions – but live a full, healthy, and fulfilling life if you do have one.

Autoimmmune Diseases: Causes, Prevention Tips & Natural Treatments with Dr. Peter Bongiorno a fascinating 60-minute training video with the latest information on autoimmune related diseases, how to get ahead of them before they form, and natural ways to address the true root cause: inflammation. Includes full transcripts.

The Autoimmune Tool Kit a deep exploration into autoimmune disease, how to reduce your risk of developing autoimmune – plus natural treatments, specific nutrient recommendations, and herbal remedies for specific autoimmune conditions including RA, Hashimoto’s, Celiac, MS, and IBD. 

✔ The Autoimmune Blueprint a week-by-week transition guide on how to shift your lifestyle to be autoimmune-friendly so you can survive (+ thrive!) with an autoimmune condition, feel better in your body, mind, and emotions – and employ practical strategies to reclaim the power in your life!

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