The Sleep Collection

The Sleep Collection

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Get ample, restful sleep each and every night—without medications or side effects

✅ Effective, natural ways to relax your body and mind

✅ Fall asleep quickly and sleep restfully all night long

✅ Have more energy, clearer thoughts, and balanced emotions


The Ultimate Toolkit to Sleep Better, Awaken with Energy, and Achieve Peak Performance

Did you know two thirds of adults don’t get enough quality sleep? 

Lack of proper sleep not only affects cognitive function, it can actually devastate your immune system – and more than double your risk of cancer (among other serious diseases)! 

Our modern lifestyles make sleep challenging for many of us. From our go-go-go attitudes towards productivity and achievement… to our attachment to electronic devices (which literally instruct our brains to stay awake), sleep deprivation is a serious worldwide problem.

When we don’t get enough sleep, we add stress to our bodies. Stress is known to  increase inflammation. And studies show that chronic stress accounts for 75%–90% of all human diseases.

We know that sleep is critical to our health… which is why so many of us reach for external sleep aids, medications, and technology to help us catch our Zzz’s each night. But does not help resolve the true root cause of sleep issues… and over time, we end up escalating our dependence and creating even more problems down the line.

So how do we consistently reduce stress, relax effectively, and sleep well each and every night – naturally?

Natural, Effective Solutions for Insomnia

In The Sleep Collection, you’ll get exclusive access to a powerhouse toolkit of resources to destress, relax your body, mind, and emotions, and sleep like a baby – without medications, sleep aids, or other unhealthy crutches many of us rely on to force slumber. 

When you improve your “sleep hygiene” to create the rest and restoration you need daily, you can experience:

✔ Improved focus, productivity, and motivation

✔ Mental clarity, improved decision-making, and greater creativity

✔ Healthy appetite, stable weight, and consistent energy

✔ Increased resilience to diseases, infections, and viruses

✔ Better moods, balanced emotions, and healthier relationships

The Sleep Collection is personally curated by Goodness Lover’s in-house team, which includes naturopathic doctors and nutritionists.

You’ll discover natural solutions to destress effectively, fill your body up with nutrients designed to promote restful sleep, and apply effective lifestyle shifts to awaken each day fully rested and restored.

Course Preview

The Sleep Collection is a comprehensive bundle of resources designed to hyper-target and restore one key area of your health: your sleep.

Nourishing Nights: Your Blueprint to Better Sleep Masterclass with Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Download full transcripts of the masterclass to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, and flag for integration. 

You can read at your own pace to gain a deeper understanding and reinforce important concepts.

Download the top 10 herbs proven to ignite your parasympathetic nervous system, help you relax naturally, and ultimately get the restful sleep you need to be at your best, day in and day out.

This resource is jam-packed with complementary exercises, practices, nutrients, and tracking systems to take concrete steps to improve sleep function and strengthen your immunity from within.

Discover natural techniques, exercises, and practices to effectively release stress and tension to create deep relaxation and prepare yourself for sleep.

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc is a NY-based naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. His mission is to improve health by using the most natural means possible. He brings a special blend of compassion, warmth, and intelligent commonsense to each patient visit that allows for individualized care.

The Sleep Collection

An expertly curated resource bundle designed to help you finally get ample, restful sleep each and every night—without medications or side effects.

✔ Restore your natural sleep patterns naturally

✔ Fall asleep fast and wake up fully rested 

✔ Eliminate common insomnia culprits through lifestyle strategies

✔ Release stress and relax your body and mind with innovative food strategies

✔ Know which herbal remedies to reach for in the event you do struggle to fall asleep

➕ 50-minute Masterclass with a trained naturopath + written transcripts

➕ Powerful herb guide + relaxation strategy manual

➕ 7 lifestyle strategies to improve your sleep right away

➕ Downloadable sleep diary to track your progress

You're Protected By Our 30-Day Guarantee

The Sleep Collection comes with a 30 day guarantee. 

If you’re not over-the-moon thrilled with your experience, simply send us an email to start the refund process. It’s that simple!

I am so touched and impressed by your company, products, and integrity... I think you and Matt are quite exceptional people, and I am so glad you are both young and will be helping hundreds or more likely thousands of people in our lifetimes... Hope you and your staff have an excellent day and feel rightly proud of yourselves.

- Katharine

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