The Mind-Body Approach to Treating Hashimoto’s | Dr. Natasha Fallahi

The Mind-Body Approach to Treating Hashimoto’s | Dr. Natasha Fallahi

Can Hashimoto’s disease be reversed? For Episode 16, we talked to mind-body expert Dr. Natasha Fallahi so we can take on a different approach when dealing with one of the most common causes of hypothyroidism
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Is your mind that powerful that it can actually help you be free of Hashimoto’s?

In this week’s vodcast, we looked at the mind-body approach to healing autoimmune disorders with the help of Dr. Natasha Fallahi a.k.a. The Sensitive Doctor.

She specialises in an intuitive approach to care for sensitive people—brilliantly combining art, philosophy, and science in her practice.

Watch the Interview:

And in this episode, she shared with us all about:

The impact of your state of mind when battling autoimmune conditions, especially Hashimoto’s
The 2 types of trauma experiences and how these can manifest in your body
Why people with Hashimoto’s can also be the sensitive types (and how to better manage your emotions)
What Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune disorders look like from an energy perspective
Simple yet powerful things you can do today to start healing your mind & emotions, including easy vagus nerve stimulation exercises
The real symptoms of Hashimoto’s you should watch out for (especially if you’re being treated for another thyroid disease today)
Full list of tests you should get to properly diagnose Hashimoto’s
And so much more!

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