3 SIBO Treatment Protocols That You Need to Know | Shivan Sarna

3 SIBO Treatment Protocols That You Need to Know | Shivan Sarna

Apart from its sometimes unpredictable flare-ups, SIBO takes away your ability to enjoy life. Shivan Sarna, SIBO expert extraordinaire, joins us for this week’s episode.

SIBO is a lifestyle killer

.Apart from the sometimes unpredictable flare-ups…

This condition is stopping so many of us from enjoying life without always worrying where the nearest restroom is.

So for this week, SIBO expert extraordinaire Shivan Sarna is joining us for Episode 15 of The Goodness Lover Vodcast.

Shivan hosts a thriving community built from one of the biggest docuseries produced on the topic—SIBO SOS.

Watch the Interview:

In this interview, you’ll learn:

Shivan’s history with SIBO, her misdiagnosis, and eventual diagnosis (and the biggest lesson she learned throughout the ordeal)
The top 3 protocols for SIBO, including the antibiotics that you won’t develop a resistance to even after five rounds
The tests you should take before and after treatment
The overlapping symptoms among SIBO, candida, and parasites that tend to confuse people (and how to tell the difference)
The danger of not figuring out the underlying cause of your SIBO
How much your life will change once you treat SIBO (based on real-life stories in her community)
And so much more!

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To connect with Shivan Sarna and discover more of her work, you can find her on Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter and you can Follow SIBO SOS on Instagram . You can also Subscribe to the Shivan's channel on YouTube

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