How To Treat PCOS Naturally | With Dr. Felice Gersh

How To Treat PCOS Naturally | With Dr. Felice Gersh

Is PCOS curable? Or is this something that women will need to live with for the rest of their lives? For Episode 17 of The Goodness Lover Vodcast, we interviewed OB-GYN and PCOS expert Dr. Felice Gersh to talk about polycystic ovary syndrome and the natural protocol to follow.


Believe it or not… Getting a PCOS diagnosis is not the end of the world.

You can lose weight, have regular cycles, clear your acne, and even have a baby!

But taking birth control pills and metformin is not the way to do it.

So to shed more light on this condition AND give hope to those who may have PCOS, Matt and I interviewed Dr. Felice Gersh.

She’s a board-certified OB-GYN who is globally renowned in women’s health and complex disease management.

Best of all, she has spent years helping women with PCOS. Her knowledge in this field is so massive that every time we interview her, she goes above and beyond the questions we give her!

Watch the Interview:

In this week’s vodcast, you'll learn:

🌸    What PCOS is and the 3 symptoms doctors look for to diagnose it
🌸    The big problem with using birth control pills and metformin as treatment for PCOS
🌸    Endocrine disruptors and how they can eventually cause PCOS
🌸    The connection between PCOS and the gut microbiome
🌸    A detailed breakdown of what you can do to start healing PCOS naturally
🌸    The advantageous type of PCOS (yes, this exists!)
🌸    The story of ‘Lori’ and how Dr. Felice’s protocol helped her not just be free of PCOS but also lose 65 lbs, clear her cystic acne, and live a normal life
🌸    A complete list of recommended supplements for PCOS
And so much more! This is life-changing information.

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To connect with Dr. Felice Gersh and discover more of her work, you can find her on Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Subscribe to Dr. Felice Gersh’s channel onhere. You can also visit her website here

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