Keep Moving.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein

Let’s carry on with Albert’s bicycle metaphor for life.

You’re peddling hard, but you are not going anywhere fast.

You’re trying to keep up with everyone, but it’s just too tiring.

You’re losing momentum and you just want to quit.

It’s in moments like these where I’ve learnt to something extremely powerful.

It’s as simple as simply…

Getting off the bike.

You heard me.

But I thought Matt that you have told us to never give up? To just keep peddling on when we seem to have no energy left to peddle?



Sometimes we need to stop to really examine the real issues.

Because one simple thing can exhaust even the best of us.

Flat tyres.

You heard me.

A bicycle relies on momentum, this is because it recycles energy efficiently within each wheel.

This is what propels the bike forward.

The condition being that the tyre itself has a low frictional coefficient.

If it doesn’t, the system quickly breaks down and you will get tired every single time.

So many people are peddling their guts out, but they forget to check the condition of their own tyres.

For me, they represent our daily mindsets.

They can aid you significantly, or they can make life even more difficult.

This is how critical they are to us.

You need a daily ‘pump up’ to make sure that you have as minimal contact with the hard road of life as possible.

The less air there is in the tyre, the more contact there is and the slower you’ll go.

I guess that is at the heart of why I do what I do.

That is the reason why I stay up late at night to share my modest thoughts with thousands of people I don’t know.

I understand how important this daily mindset development is.

Life was never meant to be an exhausting debilitiating process.

Just like that amazing feeling of flying down your favourite hill on your bike as a kid, life is meant to be just as fun.

So if you’re exhausted, don’t overcomplicate things.

Pump yourself up.


Then let the laws of the universe come into play.

Sit back, enjoy the wind in your face.

‘Roll on’ into your chosen destiny.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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