How Does Gut Health Impact Your Mental Health?

w/ Dr. Elena Villanueva

Are you suffering from some form of mental disorder like anxiety and depression? Today we take a functional medicine approach to the factors that can be contributing to mental disorder (like your gut!). We also look at the way different toxins can impact your mental well being and practical examples from Dr. Elena Villanueva’s clients in how they discovered hidden factors that were contributing to their anxiety, OCD, mood swings and depression.

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Podcast Highlights:

00:01:17 – Introduction to Dr V’s practice and the importance of evidence-based approaches to mental health
00:04:02 – The relationship between gut health and mental wellbeing
00:06:57 – The underlying causes of mental health challenges
00:10:36 – Overcoming genetic predispositions to mental imbalances
00:16:01 – Gut health challenges and the reasons we have to constantly work on our gut health
00:21:42 – Understanding the microbiome
00:24:34 – Overcoming mental health challenges by finding and remedying the root cause
00:39:56 – Recommended lab tests for uncovering the root causes of mental health challenges


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