Become a Goodness Lover Ambassador

Help your friends and family stay healthy…
While saving them money and earning a little something for yourself.

Our Way of Saying “Thank You”

We’re on a mission to make good health accessible to everyone… everywhere.

And we would love for you to help us.

That’s why we’ve created our Goodness Lover Ambassador program.

As an ambassador, you’ll be able to introduce your loved ones to your favorite Goodness Lover products – and offer them 15% off their first purchase.

At the same time, for every purchase they make, we’ll send you a little thank you, too. In the form of 10% back to you.

You can use your “commission” to buy Goodness Lover products for yourself… cash out via bank transfer, PayPal, or gift cards. You can even donate to your charity of choice.

We know that once you’ve decided to become an active participant in your own wellbeing, you want to empower others to do the same.

Goodness Lover Ambassadors is our way of helping you share the love… while we share it right back with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is our way to reward our community for recommending Goodness Lover to others. We use a partner called SocialSnowball to manage the operational side of the program, including your rewards and payouts. When you purchase a Goodness Lover product, you’ll be given a personal code to share with your friends and family. Every time someone uses your code, they’ll receive 15% off their purchase and you’ll receive a 10% “commission” on their total order value – as a thank you from us. Once you receive this code via email, you’ll have access to a personal dashboard where you can manage your account settings, set up how you’d like to receive your rewards, and manage your notifications.

As a Goodness Lover customer, you’re automatically eligible to be an ambassador – simply by purchasing one of our products! You’ll be sent an email with your unique code that you can start sharing right away – as well as instructions on how to access your personal dashboard. This is where you can manage your account preferences, including how you want to receive your rewards and your notification settings.

If you’re having trouble finding your unique discount code, reach out to us at and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Anywhere! It’s super easy to share your code in a text message with your friends or on your social media pages. Just copy and paste. And as much as we want to get the word out, we kindly ask that you don’t post your code on one of those “coupon websites”. Our intention with Goodness Lover Ambassadors is to add a personal touch… and thank you for being a valued member of our community.

We make it easy for you to decide what to do with your rewards – and nearly every major currency is available. Once someone uses your special code to make a purchase, you’ll receive an email from us (and our partners at SocialSnowball), letting you know you’ve got a “commission” waiting for you. “Bank” your rewards and get paid as a lump sum or redeem your rewards as you go. Choose how you get paid: bank transfer, PayPal, gift cards, donate to charity, and other flexible options.

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