Successful Action = Execution.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

“Vision without execution is delusion” Thomas Edison

Execution Definition = noun – the carrying out of a plan, order, or course of action.

I felt for the post today that I needed to continue to expand what I spoke about yesterday.

In speaking about action we understood that we need to combine our experience of the present with massive action.

But what if you took ‘massive action’ and what you were intending to do still didn’t work out.

Successful action = execution.

In other words you achieve total execution when there has been successful action.

So what are the key elements that go into execution?

We need to first understand that we are not islands to the word around us.

Although we feel a strong disconnect between us and the real world…

There really isn’t.

What separates you is the atomic world.

The quantum world.

We can effect the world around us with our thoughts because the veil between us and the outside world does not exist at the quantum level.

You don’t feel this at the macro level. At all.

At the micro however we see the where all the real magic happens.

This is why vision is such a powerful thing when combined with effective execution.

When we visualise, we can actually bring the desired outcome to frutition.

But when we combine it with effective execution, we begin to send the strongest signals to the outside world.

Signals that send shockwaves into the nano level around us.

That nano world then manifests to us in the conscious world.

Viola, success is served. Enjoy your meal!

It was invisible to your eye, but not to science.

Have their eyes opened to the idea of infinitive possibility?

You’re ‘opening of the eye’ may simply be the honest acknowledgement that a conscious reality exists outside of your own body.

At this point you can enjoy good execution.

Just never trade it for anything else.

Execute at all levels.

Experience the success that you are looking for.

Explore the gap between our own world and the quantum world.

Minimise it.

Even rid yourself of it.

Welcome to successful living.

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Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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