Remember Where it all Came From.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

Sometimes all it takes is one idea.

These ideas can come at any time.

Walking the dog.

In the shower.

Driving the car.

Waiting in a line.

Reading a book.


When this idea comes… do you realise what you have in your possession?

Is it really just an idea?

Or is it more than that?

Let me give you some examples… 

An idea comes to Galileo one day that maybe we are not the centre of the universe.

With one discovery we will never look at the universe the same again.

What about the young Einstein who postulates that energy and mass are interchangeable.

E=mc2 baby… Let’s bring on the nuclear age.

Darwin travels to an island…

Columbus sails around the world…

A woman refuses to move on a bus…

Beethoven writes a symphony…

George Lucas puts pen to paper about a movie idea…

Steve Jobs picks up his phone and realises that he can change it..

All of these were simply just ideas.

Neurons firing in various regions of the brain.

But like the acorn, an idea is immensely powerful.

Not in of itself, but when planted and germinated…

It grows into something so influential. 

It spreads out, looks up…

It sows more seed.

Basically I am saying this.

Ideas that have shaped our world started as small seeds.

Rather than focus on the forrest.

Remember where it all came from.

A seed.

So treasure those ideas.

They may be small, but they can easily change the world.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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