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Repair Your Gut with the Gut Rescue 3-Month Protocol


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What is the #1 Step to Fight Off Chronic Disease?​

Did you know:

  • Most chronic diseases are directly linked to the gut, which can be damaged by an imbalance of microbes, stress, environmental toxins, and harmful lifestyle practices.
  • Poor gut health leads to chronic inflammation that burdens us every day, and puts us at risk of developing dangerous diseases.
  • Repairing healthy gut function is a huge first step towards your healing from chronic disease.
  • It’s also the key to optimizing your natural immunity – so you can fight off pathogens, recover faster once exposed, and reduce your risk of developing serious conditions… now and well into your golden years

Rescue Your Gut & Bolster Immunity With This Science-Backed Protocol Plan​

Leaky gut is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in our modern day world. And with 70% of our immune system stemming from the gut, there has never been a more critical time to focus on the health of your digestive tract.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to one of the most complete supplement packages in the market called The Gut Rescue 3-Month Protocol!

This exclusive bundle contains premium supplements:

  • Made of the finest all-natural ingredients gathered and combined to nourish your microbiome and repair your leaky gut
  • Produced in a US-based, FDA-approved facility with a strict quality control policy
  • Contains tried-and-tested gut healing ingredients recommended by leading gut health experts
  • With holistic benefits that extend far beyond gut repair

This powerful THREE MONTH PROTOCOL of premium supplements uses natural minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, herbs, and detox agents to help restore the health of your gut, your body, and your immune system. On top of repairing your leaky gut and supporting your immune system, our holistic doctors also recommend including sleep support and stress management as poor quality sleep and chronic stress aggravate inflammation and damage the gut. Stress relief and sleep support are essential components of a complete gut-healing regimen.

The Gut Rescue 3-Month Protocol

Available Exclusively from Goodness Lover​


With this bundle, you’ll get 12 BOTTLES OF PREMIUM SUPPLEMENTS to nourish your body in easy, specific steps, including:


For Leaky Gut Repair

One of the most important nutrients for gut repair, L-glutamine promotes a healthy gut lining and combats leaky gut. It relieves gas, bloating, and pain caused by leaky gut. It also prevents serious complications caused by poor gut health.

At times of stress or illness, the body cannot produce enough L-glutamine to meet its demands. Supplemental L-glutamine protects the body from inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and chronic disease. L-glutamine repairs leaky gut, enhances immune function and increases nutrient absorption.

1 bottle of L-Glutamine: $44.95/bottle

Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus

Pre- and Probiotics for Microbial Balance

Prebiotics and probiotics are the superhero duo when it comes to optimal gut health. Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus features prebiotic fiber and beneficial probiotics to promote regular bowel movements, nourish the microbiome, and support blood sugar balance. It’s a complete gut-nurturing formula that soothes and revitalizes the digestive tract, stimulates the removal of waste and toxins from the bowel and colon, and leads to an internal environment where your natural immune function can thrive.

- Supports microbiome health
- Promotes healthy digestion & regular bowels
- Enhances detoxification
- Promotes healthy weight management
- Supports blood sugar balance

1 bottle of Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus: $59.95/bottle

Premium Fulvic Minerals

For Trace Nutrients, Microbial Support & Detoxification

Fulvic minerals enhance nutrient absorption and promote a robust and diverse microbiome which is crucial to strengthening your immune system to fight against disease. Studies have also shown that fulvic minerals can bind to inflammatory toxins that contribute to leaky gut. These ancient minerals contain probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibers for a robust and diverse microbiome. This is absolutely crucial to keeping us strong enough to fight diseases. Premium Fulvic Minerals also reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and enhance energy levels.

- Boosts Nutrient Levels
- Supports Gut Health
- Supports Brain Health
- Reduces Inflammation
- Enhances Immune Response
- Supports Metabolism & Energy Levels

1 bottle of Premium Fulvic Minerals: $59.95/bottle

Magnesium Glycinate 

For Regularity, Sleep, & Stress Relief

Magnesium deficiency is very common due to poor soil quality, diet, and absorption. Magnesium glycinate restores optimal magnesium levels and helps with many chronic and immune-related conditions, including migraines, anxiety, depression, kidney stones, osteoporosis, constipation, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, low thyroid, liver disease, and more. Many forms of magnesium are available, but only magnesium glycinate restores optimal magnesium levels without causing negative side effects and is the best option for most people for regular, long-term use. Magnesium glycinate is the preferred form of magnesium for mental calm, stress relief, and quality sleep.

2 bottles of Magnesium Glycinate: $39.95/bottle

Supercharged Turmeric

For Inflammation, Bloating, & Detoxification

Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory. Gut problems fuel body-wide inflammation that manifests as chronic pain, fatigue, depression, food sensitivities, constipation, diarrhea, and reflux. Turmeric soothes inflammation, restores the gut, relieves bloating, and promotes detoxification so your immune system can heal and thrive. Supercharged Turmeric features 95% curcumin along with Bioperine, an black pepper extract which enhances the absorption of curcumin by 2,000%.

- Supports Joint Health
- Promotes Healthy Digestion
- Supports Mental Health

2 bottles of Supercharged Turmeric: $34.95/bottle


Supports Immunity, Soothes Nervous System

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that buffers your health from the impacts of stress, boosts the immune system, and enhances relaxation. Ashwagandha also reduces food cravings, curbs emotional eating, and stabilizes blood sugar. It boosts antioxidant levels, improves sleep quality, and soothes body–wide inflammation. Ashwagandha normalizes the hormones that can cause stomach problems and calms stress-related gut problems. Black pepper makes Ashwagandha more bioavailable to ensure you get the protection you need.

- Organic Ashwagandha
- Made with Organic Black Pepper for Maximum Bioavailability
- Supports a Healthy Nervous System
- Promotes Hormone Balance
- Supports the Immune System

2 bottles of Ashwagandha: $34.95/bottle

Deep Sleep Formula

For Sleep Support & Inflammation

This formula features time-tested and scientifically-proven ingredients that will ensure you get the rest you need to be well and stay well. Poor quality sleep leads to physical and mental health problems and reduced life expectancy. Inadequate rest also causes imbalances in the microbiome and fuels inflammation. It’s also been known to impact immune function and hamper resilience from invasive pathogens. Prescription sleep medicines only provide short-term relief and cause dangerous and inconvenient side effects. Deep Sleep Formula safely restores healthy sleep rhythms without side effects or dependency.

- With Melatonin & Valerian
- All Natural Sleep Formula
- Wake Up & Feel Refreshed

3 bottles of Deep Sleep Formula: $39.95/bottle

Each package contains a total of 12 bottles + instruction leaflet to kickstart your healing journey.

Try our Gut Rescue 3-Month Protocol 100% RISK-FREE for 30 Days​

  • 1 Instruction Leaflet​
  • 1 bottle of L-Glutamine Powder | $44.95/bottle​
  • 1 bottle of Better Gut Prebiotic PLUS | $59.95/bottle​
  • 1 bottle of Premium Fulvic Minerals | $59.95/bottle​
  • 2 bottles of Magnesium Glycinate | $79.90 for 2 bottles​
  • 2 bottles of Supercharged Turmeric | $69.90 for 2 bottles​
  • 2 bottles of Ashwagandha | $69.90 for 2 bottles​
  • 3 bottles of Deep Sleep Formula | $119.85 for 3 bottles​

Price: $504.40

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