'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.” Thomas Merton

Life delivers to us a series of moments.

Some great.

Some incredible.

Some painful.

Some memorable.

And sometimes… (my personal favourite).

Paradigm shifting, I can’t believe this is happening, of my goodness, did that happen?


Each one of these shapes, moulds, refines, strengthens or even shatters you.

Whatever happens there is one consistent guarantee…

Each one plants a seed.

These seeds all germinate, and metaphorically speaking our life produces its own garden.

You could probably think of times in your life when this garden looked quite dead.

Weeds everywhere. Thorns and thistles.

Maybe there were times when life was almost prefect, everything was in full bloom.

Color. Variety and beauty.

Why is though that successful people consistently get the best gardens?

Did they just get lucky where their garden was planted?

Good access to light? Watered every day?

Perhaps? What do you think?

Well I actually think there is something more obvious buried within this metaphor.

The seed is not the dependedent variable.

The soil is.

I am convinced that the secret to success is actually not in the planting at all.

Its in the cultivation.

Successful people create an environment for something will grow despite the season.

The weather. Or even access to light.

Whatever the need for what they want, they’ll supply it.

They dictate their environment, and their garden beds become ripe for growth.

We get wowed by the beauty of the finished product but forget to remember what gave these plants nutrients to begin with.

Their soil and the environment that these seeds germinate in.

Life will certainly plant some interesting seeds in the garden bed of your own life.

This is unavoidable.

But how you cultivate your soul will largely determine the subsequent reality.

Be consistent in your cultivation. Weed out the negatively, do everything you can to surround yourself with growth.

The rest will follow as a natural response to that consistent cultivation.

So I will leave you all with a pertinent question rather than an evocative statement today…

What do you need to change today to create the growth you wish for tomorrow?

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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