Live Out of Your Imagination.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.”
Steven R. Covey

If I asked you where do you live, what would you say?

Some could sarcastically respond that they live at… their home??


You all know me well enough that now that I’m asking you a deeper question.

I’m asking you, where do you live?

You have three available options.

The past.

The present.

The future.

So I’lll as you the question again… where do you to live?

At this stage you you may be thinking… Maybe I do have more than one home?

At different seasons in life you can holiday at all three.

Most people do anyway.

I am about to however explain why you should only have one single abode.

(Not that you couldn’t see that coming).

Can you guess which one you should make your singular place of dwelling?

Well the past doesn’t exist anymore.

Outside of your mind of course.

The present is the only thing you really know.

Because unlike the past, it’s actually real.

The future is unknown.

So how can you live there?.

Now to combine this thought with the quote above…

You could mistakenly think that the the future is where your imagination should dwell.


Completely, totally and unmistakably wrong.

Although it certainly can dwell there, it’s certainly not the best place for it.

Your imagination is designed to create reality. If left to dwell in the future, it cannot and never will create reality.

So many people live there, in their own make believe universe.

You can’t afford to however.

The present world, your world – needs every bit of that imagination… in action.

When we combine the imagination with the reality of the present we get a marvellous combination.


(Make that)

Massive action.

Your success in life will only be enacted when you learn to take massive action.

You take action when your imagination connects with the present, and you begin to live out your idealised self.

Most people in your life will live for their future, or dwell in their past.

You my friend will be living in the unpopular middle.

Action can’t be hindered by the past or made redundant by the future.

When you capture action, you’ll make a fortune.

As your capacity for action will attract to you the abundance of the universe.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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