Less Anxiety During A Pandemic: Natural Remedies.

w/ Dr. Peter Bongiorno

For Episode 3 of The Goodness Lover Vodcast, Matt and I turned to Dr. Peter Bongiorno —a NY-based naturopathic doctor, who has thrown himself into mental health research for so many years.

In this interview, expect to learn:

✅ The practical steps you can take today to get your anxiety under control

✅ The most powerful anti-anxiety ‘drug’ that we have

✅ Which vitamins you should take to help with your mental health (including this one vitamin that, when deficient, can create advanced respiratory distress)

✅ An effective strategy to help your kids cope with the pandemic (and the anxiety signs you should watch out for)

✅ Taking supplements vs dietary changes – which one should you do?

✅ The right form and dose of Vitamin C

And so much more!


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