Leave Your Comfort Zone.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsch

Comfort for me is a very fascinating state of mind.

We all love it, well deep down at least.

We adjust our lives to make more room for it.

We look for it in so many different places, people and things.

Has anyone thought if it was actually good for us?

Most people wouldn’t have.

Comfort for them is their god and they’ll sacrifice what they have to to get more for it.

You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to pay for it.

They pay for it with their destinies.

Their dreams.

Even their values.

But what really is it?

“a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.”

Sounds great right?


Comfort is harmless on it’s own…

But when mixed with poisonous cocktail of human nature -it’s a deadly mix.

Human nature will inherently avoid pain at all costs.

So comfort is the default state of existence for millions of people all around us.

Let me (briefly) explain why you actually don’t want this reality.

What dream that was ever placed in the history books of this world didn’t involve significant risks?

Who has done anything significant with their life and never experienced any pain to get there?

Can you name an elite athlete that doesn’t push their bodies through hours of training to perform at peak levels?

Has there ever been a business that was launched without any risk whatsoever? 

You can see from our brief survey that comfort can actually be one of our greatest hindrances.

Not our strength.

Our hindrance. 

So what will you chose between pain and comfort?

Comfort of course,

(shift mindset).

Pain actually.

It will lead me to where my destiny remains hidden.

It will remind me of what I need to work on.

It will grow me ultimately into everything that I am called to be and more.

So chose life today and turn from your old ways of life.

The life that you’ve always wanted is on the other side of fear.

So jump over.

What are you waiting for?

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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