Is There A Connection Between Coronavirus (COVID-19) And Gut Health?

w/ Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Matt and I interviewed Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, so we can cut through the noise and present vital COVID-19 information straight from the expert—minus the technical terms.

Just a little background on Dr. B: He’s a board-certified and practicing gastroenterologist (he’s actually known as ‘The Gut MD’). During his medical career, he dove deep into critical research and epidemiology, which makes him extremely qualified to talk about this pandemic.

In this hour-long info-packed interview, Dr. B breaks down the science of COVID-19 in such a way that makes this so much easier for all of us to understand.

We covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • The top 2 reasons that make COVID-19 so different from the seasonal flu
  • The first symptom you should look out for (this isn’t cough or shortness of breath)
  • Is there really any merit to social distancing
  • How COVID-19 affects your gut and consequently, your immune system
  • What you should really do to optimise your immune system (note: supplements help but they aren’t the magic bullet to this)
  • How you can heal your gut starting today and the benchmark for knowing if you’ve actually healed it

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Podcast Highlights:

00:01:53 – Intro to Dr. Bulsiewicz and the reason he dag into Covid-19 and all the research.
00:04:30 – Is it true that the numbers have been revised and this is not much worse than seasonal flu?
00:12:13 – What do healthcare workers say and what is it like inside the hospitals in New York?
00:14:28 – Does social distancing work?
00:17:38 – How does stress impact the gut and what are the digestive symptoms of Covid-19?
00:23:28 – How do I get tested for Covid-19?
00:25:26 – How to support the immune system to prevent and recover from Covid-19.
00:32:28 – How to optimize gut health for an optimal immune response.
00:34:01 – What is fiber and how does fiber impact gut health?
00:37:51 – How do stress and trauma impact health?
00:41:14 – Stress-relieving techniques that immediately improve health.
00:42:11 – How do you know if you have a healthy gut?
00:44:51 – Beyond flattening the curve… what’s the next step for coping with Covid-19?​


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