How to Reverse Insulin Resistance

w/ Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

Are you ready to reverse your insulin resistance?

🤯 BUT there’s a catch: You need to throw everything you know about it out the window. 🤯 

In this highly controversial episode of Goodness Lover Vodcast, Matt and I interviewed Cyrus Khambatta, PhD (Instagram @masteringdiabetes)—a diabetes expert who has helped thousands of diabetics around the world to control (and even reverse) their conditions. 

His protocol produces results in such a short period of time.

And yet, it has ruffled so many feathers in both mainstream and functional medicine fields. 

When you watch this interview, you’ll find out:

👉 His incredible diagnosis story and how he lowered his blood glucose level in just 7 days 

👉 Which types of diabetes can be reversed (the majority of doctors don’t know this)

👉 The shocking truth about the keto diet 

👉 The science behind low-carb diets and why they can make diabetes worse (complete with a visual presentation that will make this easier to digest)

👉 What changed over the past 200 years that has gotten humans to be so diseased

👉 The simple and easy steps you can do today to manage your diabetes and support your immune system

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been living with diabetes for 10, 20 or 60 years! You can still adopt this protocol.

Matt and I are in awe of how Cyrus was able to explain such a complicated matter into simpler terms.


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