How to Heal Your Leaky Gut

w/ Dr. Vincent Pedre

🔧 Looking for practical & actionable ways to repair your gut—for good? 🔨

Let Dr. Vincent Pedre (Instagram @drpedre) teach you!

In today’s Goodness Lover Vodcast, we interviewed America’s Gut Doctor and “Happy Gut” author to show us how to bring the balance back to your gut.

Once you tune in, expect to learn:

👉 The little-known symptoms of leaky gut that you should watch out for

👉 How long it takes for your gut to fully recover 

👉 The type of meds that can alter your gut microbiome (including this second most prescribed medication worldwide)

👉 The connection between leaky gut and stubborn weight gain

👉 The surprising downside of being ‘too hygienic’

👉 Why antibacterial soap can do more harm than good (and what you should do to keep you safe these days)

👉 The most effective treatment to repopulate your healthy microbiome

👉 Specific supplements & foods that you need to add to your diet

👉 How to pick your probiotic supplement 

And so much more.

Help us spread the word about the value of the gut (and how to repair it) with your friends and family!

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