How to Fix Your Period without Birth Control Pills

w/ Nicole Jardim

This might come as a surprise to so many of you, but…

👉 A woman’s period is NOT supposed to be a brutal monthly nightmare! 👈

We’re not supposed to feel any kind of excruciating pain that will leave you curled up in your bathroom floor, nauseated, and about to pass out.

You can actually have carefree & easy monthly periods.

With the help of Nicole Jardim (Instagram @nicolemjardim) a.k.a. The Period Girl, this week’s Goodness Lover Live Vodcast dives deep into ‘that time of the month’ to talk about:

💓 The top 3 things you should take a look at when you want to fix your period
💓 How many days should be in one cycle (and why a lot of women go below or over this range)
💓 The ‘good’ kind of period pain
💓 Why you should stop taking birth control pills and the proper way to wean off it (minus side effects like severe acne or hair loss)
💓 How to maintain your independence & not get pregnant even without the pill
💓 The two main hormones that dictate whether you’re going to have a normal period or not
💓 What are the probable causes of your period pain
💓 The vitamins to take for PMS, including the one called the “period mineral” that can help with emotional symptoms, anxiety, and sleep

We have been raised to believe that it’s only “natural” for women to go through this gruelling ordeal.

We’re changing that narrative today… starting with this vodcast.

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