Dream Your Own Dreams.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

“Question: Since you are here to remember who you are, why have you forgotten? Answer: Perhaps you have lived out another’s dream and not your own.” Rusty Berkus

What happens when we lose sight of who we really are?

It’s simple really.

We live out our lives according to another plan.

Another blueprint.

Somebody else’s expectations.

We live out a destiny, just not our own.

Do you realise that this is indeed one of the saddest realities you could experience?

You have one shot of life on this planet, and you never really live it.

In forgetting who you are you forget how to really live.

So why do some of us forget then?

Or could a better question be, did you ever really know?

Did you ever really know what it was like to live for yourself?

To make your own decisions?

To dream your own dreams?

If you were to be honest with yourself, do you even remember the last time you felt free enough to make your own decision?

This may all be simple to some of you, but unfortunately many never really learn this lesson.

This really just brings me to my main point of today.

Life is too short to live out somebody else’s life.

Your life is too unique for somebody else to wear it around.

Perhaps some of you today need to break free from what you are expected to be doing with your life.

At any cost.

Looking back over your life, many years from now, the people writing your eulogy don’t want to be reading somebody else’s script.

Your story will be what they want to hear.

So start writing it today.

Start a new page if you have to.

And please, live out your life and just be… you.

(yes, you)

Not easy.

But worth it.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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