Dream Your Biggest Dream.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

It always seems impossible until it is done.

So true.

Oh my…

You just have to have the most cursory look through history and see that this paradigm has infected humanity since it’s first inception.

It’s affected every aspect of human development.

From exploration.

To science.






(To name but a few.)

I think of the inventions that have been born out of ‘impossibility’.

What would have happened if that dream had never left the mind of the dreamer?

Or if they had listened to the masses instead of their intuition? 

I believe this gives us the greatest responsiblity to humanity.

Because by the decisions of a few in the past, the futures of many have been touched.

We can all be inspired by this.

All it takes is one brave soul to break through.

To find the gap, crack the code and go where no person has gone before.

When these beautiful moments occur, a new level is opened up in our collective consciousness. 

All humanity lifts together.

Our ceiling has now become the next generations floor.

In true human fashion we celebrate and idolise often after the breakthrough occurs.

But in the meantime we ridicule and mock the dreamers big enough to dream a big dream.

I guess you could all guess where this was heading…

The question I want to ask you is simple.

What have you discarded as impossible for your life?

What have you thrown into that garbage tin of dreams?

What have you branded as impossible as it was easier than trying?

All that stands in the way is…




Your responsibility to this cause is threefold actually.

Let’s use this simple acronym.

Y = Yourself.

O = Others.

U = Us

You owe it to yourself to push your highest goal, to dream your biggest dream.

You also owe your breakthrough to others, who knows how many people you can help because you were brave enough to try?

You finally owe it to us, because your life is not your own. We are all connected, what affects ones will affect all.

To summarise? 

The impossible is an invisible ceiling that is holding you, others and us all back from reaching our true potential.

Be brave now and face the impossible, 

as I dream of the day when I can shake your hand on the other side of it.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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