Dream Big.

'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

There is one single thing I want you to think about today.

It’s not complicated I promise.

However It is challenging however so please focus…

Do you think that who you are today is any indication for what you will be in the future?

I hope you don’t see a connection.

Most people however do unfortunately.

They have this crippling limiting belief about their future.

They believe that there is an inseparable connection between who they are and who they will be.

I mean this is entirely logical…

(not really).

These same people live in the tangible material world.

They don’t understand the intangible laws of the universe.

Specifically, who they are today is simply the sum total of decisions of the past. 

There is no bearing on who they could be in the future.

In my experience, this is where so many dreams go bust.

This is where dreamers wake up.

They lose the vision.

As I have encouraged you so many different times before…

Never give up on those dreams.

Whatever it is.

Whoever it involves.

Wherever it may take you.

Let go of the past, drop it altogether.

Define yourself by what you WILL be.

Take action.

Don’t look back.

Dream big.

*          *          *

Goodness Lover

Goodness Lover

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