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'The Daily Dose' By Matt Potts

‘Earth Rise’ – voted by life magazine as one of 100 photographs that changed the world.

Taken by Bill Anders, one of the crew of Apollo 8, they were the first humans to see our planet it it’s entirety. A photo that rocked our collective conciseness. It gave us a perspective that humanity had never had before.

Bill says something really profound… “”After all the training and studying we’d done as pilots and engineers to get to the moon safely and get back, [and] as human beings to explore moon orbit,” he said, “what we really discovered was the planet Earth.” This is how powerful perspective can be.

You can think you understand something, then a perspective can change everything.

With self development, perspective is one of the most powerful change agents.

It could be when you’ve heard a speaker say something that you’ve never thought of before. You read something in a book. A friend says a passing comment, Whatever it is, these moments are life transforming. Never to see yourself the same way, you are forever changed.

The good news is that you can actually induce these moments regularly.

Everyday you should be growing enough that you have a profound perspective shift.

You’ll see new opportunity. New ideas. New frontiers to expand into.

Difficulties will become bearable. Challenges will seem much easier.

Your vision for your life will have extra clarity. Your goals will come into sight.

Highly successful people grow so much internally because they are constantly expanding their internal perspective.

What do you need to do daily to cultivate this habit?

I’m believing that today somebody reading this today needs a new perspective, some fresh vision.

Because it’s through your most ambitious dreams that you’ll actually really discover who you truly are. It’s when you stretch yourself completely, that you’ll see the greatest vista of your own soul. It’s in these moments that you’ll never be the same again. Transformed into who you were called to be.

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Goodness Lover

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