How are you Spending your Days?


Sometimes I love to spend time looking at old photographs. Wondering about the people in them.

Who were they? What was their story? Their struggles? Their triumphs?

An example is the photograph above, who is this lady and this child? What sort of life did they live? What are they telling us today?

Most of these questions we’ll never know, but these questions alone teach us an important lesson. They teach us that life is not an endless ride. That it’s not to be taken granted.

That all of us will leave a legacy.

At this point it’s important to remember that somebody will be looking at a photo of you in the future.

When you a re long gone, they will all ask the same questions.

What sort of life did they live?

The story you would tell is a simple one to predict. No need to employ a fortune teller.

There is simply one thing you need to look at.

How did you spend your days?

I think many of us run on the idea that life is endless and that we’ll never die.

Unfortunately, all of us are heading in the same direction.

We’re all closer than we were when we started to read this blog post.

Rather then avoiding the reality, we can actually capture it and use it as a powerful source of motivation.

We’ll see our days as nothing to be bargained with and that our life is the most valuable thing that we’ll ever manage.


Let me point out the elephant in the room for you…

How are you spending your days?

Do you love your days? Are you doing something that you want to do? Knowing that destiny will be the sum total of how you spent your days, are you happy with the legacy that you’ll leave?

I think our days are one of the most valuable things that we waste. We spend them like they’ll never run out.

The seductive lull that our minds enter into when we are at the grindstone of life is a dangerous one.

We get up, eat, work rest and sleep. Each day has a way of just rolling into another.

We then begin to live for the future but life is always meant to be lived in the now

So please, examine your days. Live each one to the full. Spend them wisely.

Live a life worthy of your calling.

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