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Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus

If you only take one supplement for gut health, make it Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus.

Prebiotics are food for the microbes that support good health. Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus nourishes the microbiome for improved gut health, lower inflammation, and enhanced immune status.

By shifting the composition of the microbiome with Better Gut Prebiotic Fiber Plus, you can enhance the health of your digestive tract and beyond. 


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Putting High-Carbohydrate Plant-Based Diets to the Test | Dr. John McDougall

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast, we spoke with Dr. John McDougall—a Board Certified Internist, professor, and author of 13 national bestselling books advocating the consumption of low-fat, starchy food.

Are Fats Good For You? | Dr. Matthew Nagra

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast, we spoke with Dr. Matthew Nagra—a Naturopathic Doctor who is a passionate advocate for evidence-based nutrition as medicine. After struggling with health issues throughout his childhood, Dr. Nagra decided to transition to a plant-based diet and pursue his education in this field.

What Is The Brain-Immune-Gut Connection? | Dr. Peter Kan

Watch this LIVE YouTube interview with Dr. Peter Kan to discover how the brain-immune-gut connection works and how you can safely take advantage of it to solve chronic brain symptoms, immune challenges, and gut dysfunction.

How to Gain Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet | Robert Cheeke and Matt Frazier

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we spoke with Robert Cheeke (@robert.cheeke) and Matt Frazier (@nomeatathlete_official) - long-term athletes and authors of the New York Times Best Seller "Plant-Based Athlete."

Phytonutrients & the Immune System | Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we spoke with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno - naturopathic physician, educator, researcher, founder of Bastyr University, textbook encyclopedia writer, and editor of "Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal," the most widely distributed peer-reviewed journal in the field of natural medicine.

How Your Brain Becomes Addicted to Food | Dr. Joan Ifland

This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we spoke with Dr. Joan Ifland - Doctor of Addictive Nutrition, Food Addiction Expert, Lead editor and author of the textbook "Processed Food Addiction," Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and an innovator in food addiction recovery programs.

Feed Your Gut and Your Immune System | Dr. Emeran Mayer

Have you ever considered if there is a diet or lifestyle to follow that can help promote a healthy gut? This week on The Goodness Lover Podcast we are excited to introduce Dr. Emeran Mayer - a medical doctor, a gastroenterologist, a leading research scientist in his field, and the best-selling author of The Mind-Gut Connection and The Gut-Immune Connection.

The Truth About Plant-Based Diets | Simon Hill

Have you heard all of the hype behind plant-based diets? You may have heard that vegans struggle to obtain enough protein through a diet that only consumes plants. However, that is a myth that is now regularly being debunked by many health professionals.

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How To Support Your Immunity

What measures have you been taking to support your immunity? I hate to say it, but you might be doing it all wrong…

8 Tips for Constipation

Constipation is defined as 3 or fewer bowel movements weekly, though truly we should be emptying our bowels AT LEAST once every day. Many people don’t realize that you can poop and still be constipated if the bowels are not emptying completely.   

The Gut and Autoimmune Disease

Do you experience joint pain, brain fog, gut symptoms, depression or fatigue? Have you gained a significant amount of weight without any real explanation? These are some of the earliest symptoms of autoimmunity and often a person can go a lifetime experiencing these without receiving a proper diagnosis of a disease.  

How to Optimise your Health with Probiotics

Probiotics are all the rage at the moment as recent research has shown them to be highly beneficial for overall wellbeing. But there is so much controversy out there on probiotics that it is easy to become confused and overwhelmed. 

The Merits of Magnesium

Having trouble sleeping? Struggling to switch off?  You may be deficient in magnesium. Today, so many people are magnesium deficient. Common conditions such as stress, cardiovascular disease and diabetes increase the body’s demand for magnesium. This increased requirement is often not met due to reduced dietary intake of magnesium-rich foods, poor soil quality and malabsorption issues. Also, with the increased processing of foods in the Western world and the refinement of grains, foods are now containing significantly less magnesium than they did a hundred years ago.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep: Gaining Control of Your Sleep Rhythm

Did you get enough sleep this past week? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm and feeling refreshed? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you are not alone. In fact, two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. 

Build A Stronger Gut with Digestive Enzymes

When it comes to gut health, we hear a lot about gut wall permeability, otherwise known as leaky gut. We also hear a lot about our gut microbiome, that is, the ecosystem of good and bad bacteria in our intestines. But one critical component of our gut health that is commonly overlooked is our digestive enzymes.

The Goss About Glutamine

L- Glutamine, or simply glutamine, is a bit of a buzz word in the health field at the moment. When it comes to sports nutrition, weight loss and body building, l-glutamine is one of the most popular supplements out there. But what does the science actually say about it and what other benefits does it offer?